The Wrigley Field Chrono

1. Warranty
A three year limited warranty comes with each Original Grain watch. Original Grain covers defects that may occur with the movement ONLY. This is valid for 3 years after purchasing your watch. Personal preference is not covered under warranty and will not qualify as a reason for return. Defects are repaired or replaced at our discretion. Normal wear & tear, band, sapphire crystal, watch case, loss or theft are not covered. All warranty will be void if you open the case for any reason. If you have any questions regarding the warranty or would like to schedule your watch for service or repair email us at: MLBsupport@OriginalGrain.com
2. What is the outer box made from?
Flame tempered Ash Wood box. The same wood that is used in the majority of Major League Baseball bats
3. Type of leather band?
Premium Full Grain Blue Leather
4. Movement used? Power Reserve for Auto?
Swiss Made Ronda Quartz 5020 Chronograph
Automatic movements will harness energy through the natural motion of the wearer’s wrist.
5. Certificate of Authenticity for Seats
Certificate of Authenticity is included in box.You can also view it here
6. Do all watches have the same exact color?
No two watches are the same as we’ve kept the original paint, patina, and color variations from each piece of the history-rich wood.
7. Can discounts be used on MLB watches?
Standard coupon codes cannot be used for MLB watches. However, there may be limited coupon codes running for limited times and are only accepted while the sale is still live.
8. Wood treatment process
Preserving the wood, original character, and color meant combining age old woodworking techniques with state-of-the-art machinery.
9. Return Policy
Due to the fact this watch is made with extremely rare (reclaimed) materials, this watch is a FINAL SALE item. We do not allow returns for personal preference. The warranty covers defects that may occur with the movement only.